Alexandra Cannon | Childhood
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Originally published inSubliminal Interiors Magazine




i built these dozens of pyramids

using only ink and with one hand

behind my back, then moved on to the

ballroom where skeletons pace and play

and follow like dogs. there is

the drawer of things i’m sorry about

like uncrossing all the crucifixes and

creating a tiny jesus army to conquer

the refrigerator magnets.

(behind that drawer is what no one

can ever see or know because the

drawer is too heavy to open.)

also i keep an organized closet of

interesting things i’ve done,

like saving the dog from being crushed

by the garage door and playing croquet

with the man who survived civil war.

it’s more like a reference closet for when

future selves are lost; here are all the things

i choose to remember without knowing why.

you may have noticed that it is always nighttime

in the library/observation tower. it smells like

old books in my father’s study when the spring

air wanders through an open window and

it dawns on me quietly

(as i spin the creaky globe that will always be

older than me) that no matter how far away

you are from someone, you will always be

under the same sky.



March 1, 2015