Alexandra Cannon | Fiction & Poetry
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  • This Side of Paradise

    Fitzgerald is tough to write about because he’s his own league. Might as well admit that right now. His writing is often so beyond imitation that at first blush, it’s easy to make the knee-jerk conclusion that there isn’t anything to take home. In some......

  • The Gadfly

    It was Euripides who said “cleverness is not wisdom.” When it comes to creative writing, this is probably doubly true. Novels that are in love with how clever they are are unbearable. Trying too hard to be clever with the reader (i.e. trying too hard......

  • A Brief History of Seven Killings

    I’ll start by confirming what you probably already heard: page-wise, it isn’t brief. The paperback version clocks in at just south of 700 pages. But unlike other reviews you might have read, I don’t share the sentiment that this is a huge problem. I interpret......